Basic description

The EGG (Early Growth Genetics) Consortium represents a collaborative effort to combine data from multiple genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in order to identify additional human genome loci that have an impact on a variety of traits related to early growth.

EGG Consortium Contributions:

You can use this online tool to download the EGG consortium contributions sheet.

In addition, you can view information on particular cohort(s) and/or particular data item(s) using the dropdown menus below which are searchable and support multiple selections: (1) Click on the text space to drop down the corresponding list, then (2) select as many items as you wish (you can start typing to bring your item up quicker). To remove an item from your selections, use backspace to delete its name from the text space.

New studies

We are always on the look out for new studies to contribute to the EGG Consortium. If you have a collection which is of relevance to the pursuit of research concerning growth and development, then let us know.

We would be keen to include brief details of your study in a master summary spreadsheet which is made available to those part of the EGG Consortium and which allows for the effective planning of new studies given knowledge of the resources available to the EGG group. You will of course be invited to take part in EGG activities once joining the consortium and we look forwarded to having you and your study as part of the group.


This shiny application has been developed by Dr. Osama Mahmoud and Prof. Nicholas J Timpson on behalf of the EGG consortium to present detailed contributions of the EGG consortium studies, and to allow interested researchers to submit proposals for new studies that might contribute to the EGG consortium.


Further information about the EGG consortium can be found here: EGG Consortium website. Queries about the contributions of the EGG consortium can be directed to:

Applications for new studies:

It is possible to bring the EGG Consortium together in new projects by simply putting together a brief proposal form and submitting this to

This form will be considered at the next EGG teleconference and this will initiate the process of putting you in touch with the collections making up EGG that can help pursue new research projects. This may either involve invitation to the next EGG teleconference, connection with collaborators with shared interests or the initiation of a new set of meetings to foster the new work. You can download the form from the link below.

Download the proposal form