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The MR-Vis tool:

The MR-Vis application allows you to visualise results of the Mendelian Randomisation (MR) experiments mainly using the effective circular plots. Then, you can download your generated plots in a format suitable for publications.

Input Data:

You can either upload your own MR results or use our example data to explore the functions of the MR-Vis tool:

Example data:

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Figure setup:

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Current Version: Beta 0.3

Last Update: 23rd SEP 2019

This online tool has been developed to visualise MR results, mainly using circular plots, and to allow users to download generated figures in a high-quality format. The MR-Vis was developed and is maintained by the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit (IEU), University of Bristol.


Queries can be directed to: Dr. Osama Mahmoud (


This tool was developed by Dr. Osama Mahmoud, Mr. Matthew Lee and Prof. Nicholas J Timpson, with assistance from Dr. David A Hughes, Dr. Kaitlin Wade, and Dr. Laura J Corbin.

This website was created in R v3.5.0 (R Core Team (2018). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria) using the package ‘shiny’ (Winston Chang, Joe Cheng, JJ Allaire, Yihui Xie and Jonathan McPherson (2017). shiny: Web Application Framework for R. R package version 1.0.0).

Creation of this app was greatly aided by Circlize, whose code is freely available and was used as a reference point in the creation of this app. We would like to thank the authors for making their code available for others.